our next show FRIEND IS A FOUR LETTER WORD will be opening

MARCH 31, 2017

6-9pm at 125 Mitchell Blvd. Suite H San Rafael, CA 94903



Conor Buckley

Eric Lister


Friday March 31st, AND THEM presents the second Brainsplosion painting from good friends and four letter word aficionados, Conor Buckley & Eric Lister. The Brainsplosion series are a reflection on the interconnected nature of creatures in the food chain hierarchy. This iteration takes shape in two large scroll-like canvases. FRIEND Is A Four Letter Word rounds out the show with other recent multi-panel works by both Buckley and Lister.

Conor Buckley's pieces deal in power and absurdity, depicting the hero's journey.

Eric Lister's pieces are from a series of automatic drawings on the subject of imperialism set in a pattern-heavy mythspace.


We are having an opening with what will most likely be wine and pizza on March 31st at 6pm. 





AND THEM is a community focused co-working, design studio and gallery space in San Rafael, California.




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